Team Building

Team Building Activities

We will work towards creating an environment for staff to get to know each other better.Activities conducted by us can cover general work environment essentials like communication, cooperation, goal setting, planning, leadership training, etiquette, customer service and many more.

Team Benefit

  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Staff mingling & Bonding
  • Learn Strategic Planning
  • Learn Goal setting


Challenge Brief

Everyone  knows  it  is  important  to  step  back  and  look  at  the  ‘big  picture’  every now & then particularly  when  looking  at  an  organization  and  how  its  people  operate  and communicate internally . The Big Picture is an exceptionally good event for demonstrating different  styles  of  people  working  together  and  clearly  exhibits  the  importance  of effective communication in a short space of time.


Challenge Brief

Bridge The Divide is a hands-on design and construction team building exercise with a collaborative edge, Whilst working within resource availability, timelines and to certain customer specifications. Additional communication restrictions forces teams to appreciate the power of face to face communication and to totally understand customer needs. The final construction component sees all teams collaborating by combining their individual bridges to make one single unbroken bridge, emphasizing the importance of individual team roles to the success of any large goal.


Challenge Brief

The teams are given a scenario set in a nuclear emergency and they have to work together to transport mock radioactive materials from Point A to point B using Safe pipes, and workman gloves.

Involves maximum team participation, and gets all team members contributing towards the planning and execution of the challenge, This exercise focuses on the need for concentration, communication, strategy, skill, control and team work to get a job accomplished.


Challenge Brief

Helium Stick is a deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning how to work together and communicate in small to medium sized groups. An exercise in verbal communication, which demonstrates effectively the fascinating variety of strategies which individuals use to make sense of their worlds. A fun way to let participants experience that teamwork and employee motivation needs a constant focus.